HRIAI Tea-Noisette-China collection at Ruston's roses, Renmark, SA

In 2007, David Ruston and various HRIAI members began planting what is now an almost complete collection of the Tea, China and Noisette roses available in Australia. The land (along the path of a disused irrigation channel) and overall maintenance are generously provided by Anne Ruston. The intentions include making the public more aware of old roses, allowing them to compare different varieties growing in the same conditions, and providing a source of correctly-identified budwood. Unidentified foundlings are included, as growing them close to known varieties may make identification easier. Unknown Tea roses are also sent to WA, for the Tea Rose book authors to observe in their gardens.

The Collection may help to rescue known and unknown heritage roses on the edge of permanent loss. For example, “Mrs Good’s Special Tea’’ (collected in Adelaide), has been identified as ‘Marquise de Vivens’ (1885), which was no longer in commerce anywhere in the world. Budwood has been sent to France for distribution.

Subsequent plantings have added early Hybrid Teas and Pernetianas, Polyanthas, selected Ramblers, and early Australian-bred roses. Some 19th century found and not-in-commerce roses have been planted, largely excluding Old European roses (Gallicas, Damasks, Albas, Mosses) for which Renmark’s climate is not ideal. Some of the unknowns have subsequently been identified, but have been kept in the Collection to show the survivor roses commonly found in old gardens, on roadsides or in cemeteries. The final planting occurred in winter 2013.

Some 20th Century Australian-bred Polyanthas were sent to New Farm Park, Brisbane, in winter 2012. Some are also at Renmark, as backup. Duplicates of some 1900 - 1950 HTs and Pernetianas which we believe are not available anywhere else in the world were sent to Brisbane in winter 2012.

The current plant list is attached below as a pdf. Photos of the progress of the Collection can be seen in the Gallery.

  Renmark plant list by classes Simplified Dec 2017.docx


Current lists for the location of each rose in each individual area in the Ruston's Renmark Heritage Rose collection are also available for download:

Renmark North 

North bed Dec 2017.doc

Renmark South bed row R

Renmark South bed rows S and T

Renmark East bed

Tea bed Dec 2017.doc



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