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Heritage Roses

Welcome to the Website of Heritage Roses In Australia Inc.

Heritage Roses in Australia Inc. is a fellowship of those whose aim is to advance the preservation, cultivation, distribution, and study of old garden roses, including roses no longer in general cultivation, roses of historical importance, species roses and their hybrids.

Heritage Roses in Australia was formed in 1979. There are regional groups in New South Wales (Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Illawarra-Southern Highlands, Orange-Central Tablelands, Sydney, Riverina), Queensland (Brisbane, Darling Downs), Tasmania (Northern Region, Southern Region), South Australia (Adelaide, Barossa & Beyond), ACT (Canberra), Victoria (Goldfields and Beyond, Greater Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, State Rose Garden, Western Districts) and Western Australia (Perth, Great Southern, South West).

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The Journal appears four times a year.

Please note that the plant list of the HRIAI Collection at Renmark can be found under Resources > HRIAI Tea-Noisette-China Collection.

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**There have been recent changes regarding the sending of cuttings and budwood from state to state; check first with domestic quarantine (AQIS). Sending material to WA is likely to be too expensive for amateurs to contemplate. Never attempt to bring in plant material from overseas, nor to send /take it overseas, except via proper (AQIS-approved) channels. Both you and the recipient (whether justly or not) may receive a massive fine.  


The Charm of Heritage Roses

Most gardeners know the modern rose varieties – such as Hybrid Teas, Ground Cover roses and the David Austin roses (yes they are modern – with some old blood!) but their older relatives are less well known.

Heritage roses display an amazing variety in size, form, foliage and hips which complement the diversity in blooms. We find sprays of small singles or doubles, clusters, pompoms, large singles and very full double flowers with exquisite perfumes. Most will repeat their flowering and are disease resistant. They mix happily with other shrubs, perennials, bulbs and annuals in the garden and many prefer just a light grooming. They are also drought tolerant and have survived in old gardens and cemeteries without special care.

Roses were grown before 2000 BC and occur naturally only in the northern hemisphere. Those of European origin do well in our temperate regions and those with Chinese origins thrive across both our cooler areas and the hot dry parts of Australia. Our historic Australian roses (eg the Alister Clark collection) are being rediscovered and welcomed back into our private and public gardens.

Unidentified found roses are usually given study names in double inverted commas; in the photo galleries and Rose Index on this website,  they are denoted by ROR (renamed old rose) after the study name.


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